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This site won’t receive any updates and will vanish soon.

Please go here:

2011/12 Update

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As a little experiment of mine, Using LibreOffice as a Tracker/Sequencer got mentioned on Create Digital Music here are some updates on recent projects:

If you want to follow me: Do it on Twitter, cappelnord.

  • I do a lot of live coding at the moment. Most of it as part of the laptop band Benoît and the Mandelbrots. We perform regularly in Karlsruhe but this year we’ll have two gigs in UK as well.
  • One of them is at the Network Music Festival in Birmingham. It’s gonna be a great festival for music-nerdery of all kind!
  • The second one is at SuperCollider Symposium 2012 in London. If you don’t know what SuperCollider is check it out.
  • Some befriended artists and me formed the nil collective in Karlsruhe. We hope to do some great stuff in the future.
  • I started doing Live Visual Performances. Some would call it VJing but I don’t see myself as that. I generate a lot of visual elements live, even through live coding. I use a software called NeoJuice, built with OpenFrameworks, Lua and SuperCollider. The Lua and SuperCollider part is modified as part of the performance. I don’t have good material online. Maybe this clip and this pic. I do this as part of Kabelkraut. Big shout out to the DJs, Friday Dunard and Redlock

  • This is a great pic too, showing Delbrots and the Man. It’s the live coding goodness of Benoît and the Mandelbrots trough distorted amps + Drums + Visuals. We performed as support band for Oren Ambarchi last year.

ton:art 2010

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Mehr Infos auf der Webseite:

HTML5 Audio Player Demo

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SoundCloud wouldn’t be that popular if the player didn’t show the waveform image. The HTML5 audio element makes it possible to realize such a player without Flash. As browser support varies at the moment (Firefox seems to lack the JavaScript interface to access how much of the file is already seekable; also most browsers either support OGG Vorbis or MP3) this demo only works only on Apple Safari 4 or Google Chrome 3 (or later). Hopefully these problems will get sorted out in the future. Actually it works best with Safari 4.

Click here for the HTML5 Audio Player Demo

Add XSPF support and maybe a little AJAX magic for comments and you have a very nice audio player in your browser without any Flash, using the audio and canvas element.

Waveform images are generated by waveformgen, music is performed by my laptop band Benoît and the Mandelbrots.


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waveformgen is a little tool to generate simple waveform images out of an audio file. It’s very basic and nothing special. I needed a tool to generate waveform images for a web application, so I thought i might write it myself as a little C exercise.

waveformgen example

The source code is released under GPL.

Some Updates

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I’m not that much into blogging at the moment, but here are some quick updates:

Grainface disbanded some months ago but I now play in the laptop band Benoît and the Mandelbrots which could be described as “Post-Grainface” :-) We have a nice video on Vimeo.

I did some music in pure C and it was played on the ComputerStudio Konzert in the ZKM under the name “3 Studien in C”. One of these studies is available on the site of the Public Pixel Matrix, as it uses data from it. They also got mixed together with dance music by Friday Dunard.

Some of my recent coding can be found on GitHub. I also tried to locate (and/or fix) some bugs in SuperCollider, but i still lack insight in the sources and my C++ isn’t at that level at the moment.

Well, I think this is everything new i can say about “cappel:nord”.

Where can i find MPHP3?

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For anybody who looks for the MPHP3 PHP class I wrote several years ago when i was still in school (and had time to do such stuff):

I put it offline, because it had several issues and I’m not into PHP anymore. I think it’s fascinating how much it got used, but I also think that you can find better maintained libraries to do this job. I think php-reader looks decent but I haven’t tested it.

I wonder on how many sites it is still used. Googling it at least reveals some sites by error messages from within the file. Thanks to everyone who suggested it as a solution for the problem of computing the duration of a MP3 file or reading ID3 tags within php.

Public Pixel Matrix Processing Library

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A first version of the Processing library for the Public Pixel Matrix is now available on GitHub. It is in a very early stage. Many features and other fixes to come.

I also posted the results of a first experiment on YouTube.

I started to move some other stuff to my GitHub Account too. I hope this will cure my bad habbits to leave most of my sourc ecode uncommented and undocumented.

Public Pixel Matrix

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Mein neues Projekt Public Pixel Matrix ist ein Versuch einfache kreative Entscheidungen von Internetuser aufzuzeichnen, um sie dann später in andere Bilder, Videos, Sounds oder Musikstücke nutzbar zu machen. Alles was auf der Internetseite aufgezeichnet wird steht unter einer Creative Commons Lizens.

theMatrix Beispiel

For english information head directly to the page.

ton:art – digitale Klangkunst

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Ich möchte an dieser Stelle nicht viel darüber schreiben. Auf der Homepage findet ihr alle relevanten Infos.

ton:art – digitale Klangkunst