eyeSequencer – Work in Progress Demonstration

3. November 2008 » Kategorie Allgemein

Every now and then you see some particullary beautiful eyes … some of them inspired me to use images of eyes to create musical material. I wrote a little framework/application in Processing to help me analyse the image. “Scanners” circulate in the eye and analyse RGB and brightness values. These values are used to create OSC Messages, which then are send to SuperCollider. SuperCollider would be a great way to produce the sound, but for this example i decided to use SC3 to send MIDI events to Ableton Live, to two instances of the Alphakanal Automat Synthesizer. Look/hear for yourself:

YouTube Direct Link

Little reminder. This is a work in progress and I see much room for improvements. I only spend about one hour for the SuperCollider/Ableton Live part, so this could sound a lot nicer ;-)

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Charles Martin

    Awesome! I love the visualisation of the generative process. I’d like to hear it with some different sounds or other interesting tonalities.

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  4. koko

    It looks more like you have placed your sound visulizer on a background image of an eye. eg. flash ontop of image. Maybe integrate withn the ye so it feels like the eye reacts to your tunes. but then again i thought ears reacted to sound, and eyes reacted to sight…

  5. Derek Riggs

    I really liked your eye music.
    what about using a picture of the sun?
    if you go to the NASA website you can get pictures of the sun taken in infra-red and ultra-violet and also with solar flares, some of them are really interesting.
    then you could play the sun…
    have fun in the sun

    what about the planets? try playing a pic of mars… or the earth for that matter, a real earth symphony.

    also if you have photoshop you can use the filters “distort/polar co-ordinates/rectangular to polar” to twist any landscape around into a circle and then play it.

    all the best

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